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Welcome to Kentucky Orthopedic Clinic a Center of Excellence focused on the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention of musculoskeletal disorders. Founded in 1987 by Ronald S. Dubin, M.D., KOC is the only clinic in the Tri-State Region specializing exclusively in orthopedic care. Our professional staff considers each patient as part of the medical team and interacts closely with them to aid in their treatment and rehabilitation.

We combine old fashion one-to-one personal care with the latest orthopedic information, technology, and protocols. Compassion and encouragement to our patients are as much part of our approach to health care as advanced surgical technique.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is often the best tool for diagnosing injuries and abnormalities involving the spinal cord, brain, shoulders, knees, ankles, or wrists.

Kentucky Orthopedic Clinic offers this safe and painless diagnostic testing through Open MRI of Kentucky. The scanner's spacious opening minimizes claustrophobia and anxiety, providing patients a more comfortable environment.

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Kentucky Orthopedic Clinic: (606) 258-0300
MRI Research Institute: (606) 528-8400
Toll Free: 877-4KY-ORTHO / (877) 459-6784

Kentucky Orthopedic Clinic: (606) 248-0050
Open MRI of Kentucky: (606) 248-0050
Toll Free: 888-MRI-TEAM / (888) 674-8326

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