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One of Kentucky Orthopedic Clinic's two premiere locations is at the Brownstone Medical Complex in Middlesboro, Kentucky. The building of the Brownstone Medical Complex began in the spring of 2005 to bring together in one facility the highest quality healthcare resources in this region and to provide the healthcare with a commitment for passionate and uncompromising care. The Brownstone Medical Complex has come a long way to achieve these goals and is pleased to present our concepts for the future of healthcare... what we call "reinventing healthcare".

Brownstone Medical Complex

Affiliates of KOC located at the Brownstone Medical Complex:

Open MRI of Kentucky

Brownstone Physical Therapy


Other professionals located at the Brownstone Medical Complex:

Trinity Family Healthcare

Pineville Community Hospital Lab

Preferred Surgical Associates - Dr. Robert Wilmoth

Southern Orthocare Orthotics & Prosthetics

Our goal is to bring together the best healthcare in one facility, providing the same quality of healthcare, technology, and service as you would expect from much larger cities.

As you read this, I hope you learn that our motto - Reinventing Healthcare - applies to each and every patient. We believe in treating our patients like they are family... and in many cases, you may come to feel as a member of our family. When you call, you will enjoy a friendly real person answering your phone calls within two rings. You will learn that we value your time as much as our own and that your wait time for service will be much less than you may have experienced elsewhere.

Come in during lunch time, we're open. We alter our schedules to fit yours as best as possible. Need your medical records? They're free. Thirsty or hungry? Come in and enjoy our free internet cafe with free internet computers, coffee, juice, sodas, and pastries.

The Brownstone jumbo electronic message board facing US 25 E is available to you... for free. With 30,000 cars passing and looking at the messages each day, it is the best way to get the community to smile and wish you a happy birthday or wedding anniversary, or to advertise a special church or non-profit event in our area. Just call our officeseveral days in advance and we'll do the rest for you.

Even our Executive Board Room on the third floor of the facility is available at no cost for special business functions during office hours. It has a full adjacent kitchen so you can plan your special meeting with your own gourmet chef for that extra touch.

Why do we do this? It is very simple. We want to share in our ideas of building relationships. We are positive motivated people that want to share in what we have, not always for a profit, but a thank you and a smile. What we give to others comes back to us many times more in the happiness we create.

We also want you to think of us first when it comes to needing healthcare. We want you to know and believe that we care for you! We think it makes completely good sense.

The Brownstone Medical Complex symbolizes the kind of medical attention and care you expect and deserve. From its inception, the Brownstone will set the standards of quality and professionalism in healthcare. It will also symbolize the importance of attention to detail, and most importantly attention to you.

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