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Open MRI of Kentucky

 Located in the Brownstone Medical Complex in Middlesboro, KY, the “open” type scanner allows mobility and functionality which is simply unmatched by the more common “closed” type MRI scanners.

Open MRI of Kentucky

The most common benefit of an “open” MRI is the increased comfort for patients. “Closed” scanners typically require the patient’s entire body to be inserted into the tube-like center of the machine for a scan to take place. This often causes patients, even those who have no previous experience with claustrophobia, to become anxious and irritated, frequently complicating the scanning process.

Open MRI of Kentucky

The goal of Open MRI of Kentucky is not only to provide the best of care possible through leading-edge technology, but to also make the experience as comfortable for the patient as possible. Open MRI of Kentucky realizes the needs of various individuals; thus, choosing a MRI that not only eases anxiety but allows larger individuals ease of access and comfort was a top priority. Additionally, Open MRI of Kentucky takes patient care to the next level by further comforting patients with an open space and multiple windows in the scanning room to help relieve tension. A child, or any anxious individual, needing a MRI can be comforted by knowing that someone may stay with them during the scan.

If you wish to discover more about Open MRI of Kentucky, please call (606) 248-0050 to schedule an appointment or to take a tour of the new Imaging Suite at the “Brownstone”.

Why have a MRI diagnostic test...

  1. It is a non-invasive and safe diagnostic test.
  2. MRI uses powerful magnetic field, radio frequency pulses and a powerful computer to visualize certain areas of the body not visible with a normal X-ray.
  3. The MRI is the best diagnostic tool for detecting abnormalities of the spinal cord, brain, knees, shoulders, ankles and wrists.
  4. MRIs are also utilized in diagnosing cancer, vascular disease, neurological disorders, sports injuries and trauma cases.
  5. Unlike the standard X-ray which uses ionizing radiation, the MRI has no adverse effects.

You CANNOT have a MRI scan if you have...

  1. A cardiac Pacemaker
  2. Cerebral Aneurysm Clips
  3. Cochlear Implants
  4. Implanted Insulin or Chemotherapy Pumps
  5. Implanted Neuro-stimulator Devices
  6. Pregnant
  7. Metal Fragments in the Eye(s)

Preparation for the MRI scan...

  1. No special preparations are necessary; eat, drink, and take medications normally.
  2. Wear comfortable clothes; if your clothing has any metal snaps or buttons, you will be asked to change into a hospital gown.
  3. Leave your jewelry and watches at home. These items are affected by the magnet, and you cannot wear them during a scan. Lockers are available, however we are not responsible for lost items.
  4. Be sure to bring all insurance info and ID cards.
  5. If your physician requested previous X-rays or CTs, please bring those films with you. You may have a family member or friend present during the scan, however this person must be screened for conditions that prevent them from being present in the scan room.

Payments for your MRI scan are accepted from...

  1. Medicare
  2. TennCare
  3. BlueCross/BlueShield
  4. Medicaid
  5. Worker’s Compensation
  6. Auto Insurance
  7. Commercial insurance companies
  8. Various government employee programs MasterCard, Visa, Personal Checks or Cash*

*We also accept any of the above as payment, co-payment or deductible. As a courtesy, we will verify your insurance coverage and inform you of any payment responsibility.

MRI test results...

  1. Scan reports are available within 24 hours, (same day scans and reports are available per physician’s request).
  2. All scans are reviewed by two board certified, fellowship trained radiologists; one of the radiologists is the nationally recognized Stephen Pomeranz, M.D., author of numerous textbooks on MRI.
  3. Your MRI report will be mailed or faxed automatically to your physician. MRI images are available to you on a CD upon request.

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